Recent Publications

B. Giera, S. Bukosky, E. Lee, M. Freyman, J.K. Han, T.Y.-J. Han, M.A. Worsley, J.D. Kuntz, A.J. Pascall. Quantitative Analysis of Color Differences within High Contrast, Low Power Reversible Electrophoretic Displays. ECS Transactions, 2018, 82 (1), 59-66.

J.F. Destino, N.A. Dudukovicm M.A. Johnson, D.T. Nguyen, T.D. Yee, G.C. Egan, A.M. Sawvel, W.A. Steele, T.F. Baumann, E.B. Duoss, T. Suratwala, R. Dylla-Spears. 3D Printed Optical Quality Silica and Silica-Titania Glasses from Sol-Gel Feedstocks. Advanced Materials Technologies, 2018, In Press.

Y. Qu, P.G. Campbell, A. Hemmatifar, J.M. Knipe, C.K. Loeb, J.J. Reidy, M.A. Hubert, M. Stacermann, J.G. Santiago. Charging ad Transport of a Flow-Through Electrode Capacitive Deionization System. J. Physical Chemistry B, 2018, 122 (1), 240-249.

B.P. Mayer, C.A. Valdez, A.J. DeHope, P.E. Spackman, A.M. Williams. Statistical Analysis of the Chemical Attribution Signatures of 3-methylfentanyl and its Methods of Production. Talanta, 2018, In Press.

P. Pagora, M.X. Zhang, N. Zuckerman, G. Lee, A. Mitchell, A.J. DeHope, A. Gash, C. Coon, P. Gallagher. Synthetic Studies of 2,6-Diamino-3,5-Dinitropyrazine-1-Oxide (LLM-105) from Discovery to Multi-Kilogram Scale. Propellants, Explosives, and Pyrotechnics, 2018, 43 (1), 15-27.

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