Yong Han
Group Leader

- Feedstock materials development
- Process optimization and scale-up
- Materials Informatics
- Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization
- Inorganic-organic hybrid materials
- Energetic materials aging and compatibility

Sarah Baker
Deputy Group Leader

- Ordering of block copolymer thin films
- Soft condensed matter
- Design and fabrication of metamaterials
- Micro-structured composites

Alan Dehope
Deputy Group Leader

- Energy materials synthesis
- Air-free chemical synthesis

Josh Kuntz
Deputy Group Leader

- Additive manufacturing
- Micro-architectured materials
- Processing & properties of nanocrystalline materials
- Advanced consolidation methods
- Transparent ceramics

James Cahill

- Advanced ceramics
- Densification kinetics
- Powder behavior

Scott Compel

- 3D printing of composites
- Polymer degradation

Cameron Cornell

- Nanoparticle synthesis
- Machine design
- Project management

Wyatt Du Frane

- Sintering and consolidation
- Metastable phases
- Transformation kinetics
- Electrical & transport properties

Jeremy Feaster

- Electrocatalysis and electrosynthesis
- Reactor design and optimization
- Catalyst synthesis and characterization

Jinkyu Han

- Inorganic & nano-hybrid materials
- Structural & chemical characterization of inorganic materials
- Surface functionalization of nanomaterials
- Solid-state lighting

Anna Hiszpanski

- Directed assembly of soft matter
- Structural characterization
- Polymorphism

Mark Hoffman

- HE formulation & processing
- Polymer processing
- Characterization chemistry & physics

Jenny Knipe

- Hydrogel formulation, synthesis, & characterization
- Responsive, functional, & biodegradable soft materials
- Enzyme encapsulation & immobilization for biocatalysts
- 3D printing of hydrogel

Ryan Lu

- Ceramic composites
- Polymer composites
- Electrochemical analysis and electrodeposition

H. Paul Martinez

- Research and developement of new plastic scintillator materials for the detection of gamma rays and neutrons

Thomas Myers

- Energetic materials synthesis, scale-up, and formulation
- Synthesis and characterization of homeade explosive materials
-Advanced explosive initiation concepts
- Crystallization and X-ray diffraction techniques

Tammy Olson

- Nanomaterial and shape controlled synthesis
- Material characterization
- Electrophoretic deposition
- Surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Phil Pagoria

- Energetic materials synthesis & formulation
- Heterocycle synthesis
-Detection methods for energetic materials
-HE safety

Christine Plavchak

- Polymer processing
- Direct ink write materials formulation and processing

Fang Qian

- Low-dimensional nanomaterials
- Ultra-light high-Z metal aerogels
- Developent of inks for 3D printing bacteria, glass, and metals
- novel analytical platforms to study cardiac tissue for drug development
- investigation of electronic interactions between semiconductors and microbes

Ana Racoveanu

- Synthetic chemistry
- Energetic material synthesis & formulation

Emily Robertson

- Energetic materials formulation & processing
- Polymer processing

Samantha Ruelas

- Synthesis and characterization of printable silicone materials
- Enzyme immobilization for biocatalysts

Julie Soderlind

-Microstructure characterization

Luke Thornley

- Control & characterization of metal microstructures

Alyssa Troksa

- Nanoparticle synthesis & scale-up
- Metal nanofoam synthesis
- Microtome

Matthew Worthington

- Chemical vapor deposition
- 2-photon polymerization
- Electrophoretic deposition

Mao Xi Zhang

- Organic synthesis
- Energetic material synthesis
- Photochemistry
- Electron transfer reactions

Tim Yee

- Development of materials for additive manufacturing
- Nanoscale patterning of block copolymers
- Nanoscale characterization

Nate Zuckerman

- Energetic materials synthesis                                           
- Process chemistry
- Medicinal chemistry

Lisa Palmer
Administrative Support